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Sports Performance

If You Can Perceive It, You Can Achieve It
The majority of my work is based in helping professional and amateur athletes of all ages improve their performance. Most serious athletes realize that their accomplishments are more a product of their minds than their bodies.

To understand the importance of focus, visualization and imagination to athletic success, consider the Olympics. Every four years the best in the world compete, and every four years they set new records and reach new heights. Compare the performances of 20 years ago to those of today. Do you think today’s gold medal winners are more physically evolved than their predecessors? Of course not. They have seen the bar raised, and they have mentally risen to the new challenge. They have envisioned something greater, and then they have achieved it.

So can you.

Every hypnotherapy session is tailor-made to the athlete to reach his or her highest goal.

Through hypnosis we train your body to outperform its current limits, better using its own strength, speed, coordination and adrenalin. This translates into peak performance on and off the field, no matter what your sport.

Call me to find out about team seminars on self-hypnosis and visualization as well.

“Thanks for being such an inspiration.”
—Howard "H" White, V.P. Nike, Inc.

“Sue's relaxation techniques have helped me focus and play better than ever before.”—Thomas Jones, NFL Running Back

“With the help of Sue Marcus' visualization and focus techniques, my concentration levels have increased on the course and in everyday life. Competition nerves are a thing of the past.”—James T., Professional Golfer

“Sue has been working with me since I came to the league. She has helped me focus on the game and gain the confidence it takes to play the game. With her help I set new records as a rookie.”
—Mark Anderson, NFL Defensive Lineman

“Sue has helped me bring things that I think and imagine to reality in my game.”
—Tommie Harris, NFL Defensive Tackle

Earned certificate through Professor Dan Brown at Harvard Medical Center, Massachusets

Here is a short list of the countless athletes who have used hypnotherapy:
  • Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Mary Lou Retton
  • Golfers Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus
  • MLB first baseman Rod Carew
  • NBA teams coached by Phil Jackson
  • MLB player/home run champion Mark McGwire
  • U.S. Open Champion tennis player Jimmy Connors

For an appointment or answers to your questions, call (847) 922-2670 or
Suzanne@MarcusHypnosis.com. I look forward to helping you reach new heights.

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